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When my daughter decided to major in ballet, my wife and I decided we should probably learn more about the performing arts. We started attending every play that our city theater produced, and it was really interesting to watch all of the talented actors and dancers that took the stage. After we brushed up on our theater, we took the time to visit our daughter's rehearsals a few times to watch how hard they worked. We gained a completely new appreciation of the performing arts, and I want you to appreciate it too. Check out this blog to read more about theater.

Ballet Creates Performance Improvement For All Types Of Athletes

15 December 2015
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Ballet is typically known for the graceful figures that seem to float lighter-than-air across a stage. While the art of ballet is certainly most famous for dance within a theater setting, it has another side to it that is very surprising. Ballet can be an outstanding training resource for athletes of both genders and for just about any sport. Here are some of the benefits of taking ballet to enhance your abilities in another sport. Read More …