Ballet Creates Performance Improvement For All Types Of Athletes

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Ballet Creates Performance Improvement For All Types Of Athletes

15 December 2015
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Ballet is typically known for the graceful figures that seem to float lighter-than-air across a stage. While the art of ballet is certainly most famous for dance within a theater setting, it has another side to it that is very surprising. Ballet can be an outstanding training resource for athletes of both genders and for just about any sport. Here are some of the benefits of taking ballet to enhance your abilities in another sport.

Flexibility And Control For Football Players

Football players, both professional and amateur, are among some of the athletes that use ballet to help them train for the game. Ballet promotes a great deal of flexibility, which can remove or reduce the instances of injury during football. Additionally, since ballet relies so heavily upon creating balance and bodily control, this gives football players a real advantage on the field as they make quick and sharp movements.

Some believe that since ballet builds up so much leg strength, it can help some football players increase their speed and endurance as well.

Extremity Strengthening For Swimmers

Swimmers are also among those athletes who often incorporate ballet training exercises to help them perform better in the water. The exercises heavily target the arms and legs while keeping the torso still – exactly the types of movements in the water that can propel a swimmer to a win.

Trainers provide a ballet regimen that focuses on aligning the hips and torso while increasing their arm reach and flexibility of the arms and legs.

Rehabilitation From A Sports Injury

Good news for those athletes recovering from an injury – ballet can and often is added to physical rehabilitation programs, sometimes with remarkable success. Since ballet is considered to be a low impact form of exercise, it can be used for those who need to avoid jarring their body while still exercising. This is especially helpful for those who have sustained knee, ankle and even hip injuries.

Runners who have bad knees can benefit from the ballet training, which improves hip strength and helps realign the hips and knees, while strengthening core muscles without high impact.

Overall, ballet can most certainly be enjoyed as an artful dance. However, everyday people and athletes can receive tremendous health benefits from incorporating ballet into their exercises and physical rehabilitation plan. Some of today's dance studios and gyms now offer mixed ballet and cross training classes for just that purpose. If you want to be a better athlete, it's time to look into adding ballet to your regimen! 

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